Monday, December 29, 2008

Seafood Platters

oohh.. gosh. Back to reality guys!! After a long holidays, starting from Chrismas to New Year, it feels like lazy to be going back to work.

During the long holidays, we were on the journey to the north. Thanks to sha for the great idea, we visited my parent in Kedah and Raees got to meet his grand parent. One day after Chrismas, we arrived in Alor Star and we are in time as Kak Chak and her family is still around. Kakak Ayin and Abg Yam are very trilled to play with their cousin.

On the same night of the arrival, we had our "makan besar"at the Nelayan Seafood Restaurant (not the one in Tasik Titiwangsa), for a family get-to-gather. Unfortunately, Kak Cik couldn't join the fun. We ordered all kind of seafoods, there is "ikan bakar berempah, sotong goreng tepung, ketam goreng bercili and udang masak sambal". It isn't like the seafood platters of Manhattan Fish Market, but the malay style. Nyum.. nyum!!

We depart for KL on the New Years' eve. Before going back, it is a must to visit the Pekan Rabu to buy some "ole-ole" for the family in KL. Eventhough, the journey is tiring, but we definitely had fun during the journey to the North.

I am 16 going on 17

This song was sang by Liesl of the Von Trap family from the movie the Sound of Music. I believe many people remember the movie. This particular song reminds me of my sis-in-law birthday, yesterday: 28 December 2008.

As a tradition, all family members will gather to celebrate this important moment where Ain's age will increase from 22 to 23. We had our dinner at Kelab Darul Ehsan; this time around we are not jinx, everybody got their food at the same time. After the moment of silence, everyone is pretty satisfied with the food. As the restaurant will end their day, we again pack our cake and headed home.

At home we continue with the celebration with the cake cutting ceremony. Everybody sang the "song" along with the piano played by Ija. After candles were blowed and wishes were made, we all find our way to the bed.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cinta bersemi di "Chenta"

It seems like yesterday, the event took place. After a few months of preparation, the day finally comes. hhmm.. What day it is? My wedding day. A million thanks i would want to wish to my mum n dad, my 2 sisters and bro-in-laws as well as my wife to be (at that time) for supporting me in any circumstances.

Anyway, special thanks to my eldest sis, for preparing the 9 dulang of hantaran. With her creativity, she has now venture into the Hantaran making business. Anybody who would want a touch of her creativity, you may contact my sis @019-34 44 596 or visit their webbie at

The actual hantaran of my wedding are portrayed below...

the Sireh Junjung

the Ring

the Potpuri

the Shoe & Bag

the Watch & Make-up

the Quran

the Telekung

the Dried Agar2

Monday, December 22, 2008

PhotoBlog: The Land Below the Wind

One fine day in November, daddy, mummy and of cource me, Raees went to the land below the wind. WOW!! I dont know where it is, but we travel in a big flying object. It's an Aeroplane!!

@the airport, Terminal 3.. KK

in the room @Promenade Hotel

huahh!! breakfast time

where's my food?
2nd day.. we visited the Monsopiad Cultural Village aka the house of skull. scary.. Monsopiad is a Kadazandusun warrior who is well-known to be a headhunter. Legend told he collected 42 heads while hunting down and fight off the warriors that had terrorized his village for so long. He will bring back their heads as trophies, he claimed, and hang them from the roof of his house!

That's all folk. it's really nice to visit Kota Kinabalu!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thank You En Raffi

You might wonder who is he? Who is En Raffi? He was my superior before he moved to MISA. Anyway, thanks En Raffi for inviting us from MISC KL to MISA for the "meriah" Open House.

We left the office at 12 noon making our way to Port Klang through NKVE. There was 5 of us in Latio; Halis, Che Pah, Mui, Zura and me. While, Syed drove his grand lavina too with Champa, Vi, Zaitul, Eva and Nurul. Anyway, they took loooong detour to Pulau Indah before reaching Port Klang.

After we have stuffed ourselves with all the good foods; En Raffi brought us to his office and a tour around MISA.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Photo Blog: A Trip to Opah Midah's House

My 1st Trip to Kuala Kangsar

Hi there.. last week, i went to Kuala Kangsar. My mummy told me it is my tok daddy's hometown. I woke up really early that day as we will be strating the journey in the morning. At 9am, we cruised the highway to KK in the big and comfy Estima so that we can reach there just in time for lunch.

After waiting for 3 hours in the car, we have finally arrived in KK. Nice and peaceful town. First, we stop for lunch. Tok daddy brought us to the most famous place for laksa in KK, Restoran Laksa Pak Ngah. Pak Ngah sold laksa since the year 1955. During that time, he was on his motorbike going around KK to sell laksa.

After lunch, tok daddy brought us to his Alma Mater, MCKK and Clifford High School. Uncle Syear, you went to this school too?

Lastly, we visited opah midah in Ribu before going back to KL that day.